Natilus | Reinventing the Global Air Transport Industry

Natilus was co-founded by Aleksey Matyushev and Anatoly Star in 2016 to commoditize the freight transport industry through innovation and advanced technology. Our mission will reduce air freight costs to lower the cost of food in stores, level the barriers in cross-border trade and help connect low infrastructure areas to the rest of the world.

The market for autonomous cargo aircraft is greater than $280 billion, based on market research, however, we believe that by lowering the cost of air cargo transport, it can introduce a new category of freight and expand the total addressable market of air freight to $470B once operations begin. Natilus aircraft use existing ground infrastructure and standard air cargo containers, as well as offer remote piloting to produce an innovative turnkey solution for its customers.

Disrupting the 75 year old status quo of $5T Air Cargo Industry requires a team of leading aerospace engineers, investors and strategic airline
partnerships. Meet our team.

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