Reinventing Air Cargo
Disrupting the global freight industry
Through Maximized Efficiency, Innovative Packaging,
and Autonomy.

A new vision for air freight

Natilus is revolutionizing the 75-year-old status quo of freight transportation through innovation and advanced technologies, to make air freight costs competitive to cargo shipping and dramatically improve delivery times.

Natilus has designed and developed a blended-wing, autonomous global air freight system that can offer services at a fraction of the cost of today’s transport, while reducing negative impacts on our environment.

Moving Global Freight Forward

Maximum Efficiency

Whether it’s a short-hop or intercontinental transport, the fleet of Natilus vehicles will transport more cargo with a more aerodynamic profile to make the entire solution a less costly system to operate, with 50% less CO2.  

60% More Volume

With a patent-pending ‘Diamond’ cargo-bay, Natilus offers an efficient blended wing body configuration that allows for 60% more volume. Designed around cargo, the aircraft can hold a large configuration of standard pallets, outsized cargo, and without a contouring requirement. All with a remote pilot watching over.  

Existing Infrastructure

Natilus aircraft use the existing ground infrastructure, and standard air cargo containers making Natilus products a turnkey solution. 

'Fly-by-Mouse' Autopilot

Pilot shortages stagnate airline growth, leading to serious bottlenecks in our global supply chain. Natilus FAA certifiable autopilot allows air freight operators to scale with Natilus products.

Four Purpose-built Aircraft

Freight is changing, and it requires a new transportation vehicle


AutopilotRemotely PilotedRemotely PilotedRemotely PilotedRemotely Piloted
Cargo LoadingBulk/ContainerContainerContainerContainer
MTOW (lbs)19,000440,924734,873955,335
MEW (lbs)9,500202,825323,344420,348
Max Fuel (US Gal)62022,56331,68443,515